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01/05/2019 Likatze


INDUSTRY LEADERS CREATE ALLIANCE TO FORM PPE (Product Process Expertise) Electronics Reliability.

Leading from the front, when it comes to providing bespoke industry technical solutions, ABchimie and SMT Worldwide have joined forces to create PPE, Product Process Expertise a more cost-efficient approach to technical solutions.

“It’s well known that R&D can be costly for our clients, so we looked to SMT Worldwide to bring our respective strengths together to see how we might collaborate in the creation of cost-effective technical solutions. The answer is PPE (Product Process Expertise)”.  said Jean-Pierre Douchy, Sales Director of ABchimie.

Together, both companies pooled their shared knowledge and expertise and worked tirelessly to create complete PCB assembly line tests to validate the best technical solutions.

“We joined forces with ABchimie’s machine and chemical experts – and tasked our joint force to come up with unique results that would create some of the best, cost-effective solutions in the industry – and the final results speak for themselves”. Said Jean Baptiste Bernard, CEO of SMTWorld

ABchimie’s Jean Pierre added:  

“We were able to identify methods of solving regular problems, and increase productivity, whilst at the same time test and validate more ‘green solutions” – we couldn’t be more pleased with the collaboration and the solutions that PPE now provides”.


The Partnership brings together two market leaders in their respective fields, given their complementary expertise.  The creation of a hyper-specialised laboratory – and a focus on process and chemical products, has resulted in the inception of PPE (Product Process Expertise).  Providing uniquesolutions on a global scale, backed by a local presence, resulting in higher quality and a shorter time to market is the hallmark of the new PPE.

PPE’s portfolio of expertise is rich in deep knowhow of highly demanding processes and most importantly the knowhow required to tackle the recurring overwhelming challenges of process integration.

About ABchimie:

ABchimie creates, manufactures and distributes for more than ten years, professional solutions for protection and cleaning electronic circuits. With an important range of products consisting of resinsconformal coatingssiliconesmaintenance and cleaning solutions, ABchimie is able to answer any specific need.


About SMT WorldWide: 

SMT Worldwide is a leading supplier in the global Electronics Manufacturing Industry, with operations in Europe (SMT Europe), America (SMT America), Asia (SMT Asia) and Northern Europe (SMT Nordic).

SMT Worldwide is proud to represent the highest quality technology manufacturers, providing clear added value to our customers.



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